CENTRO PIZZA (FORMER SCOOZI) Direct from Napoli, Italy

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3.5 sao trên tổng 392 đánh giá
3 Jul 2019 tại 19:38 It was cold and Tasted like it had anchovies on it then taken off after cooking
2 Mar 2019 tại 19:04 Faster than expected!
3 Dec 2018 tại 11:16 delivery not available anymore to D7? Had to choose D1 in dropdown menu and enter address in D7 to get it delivered.
22 Sep 2018 tại 5:35 Same excruciating wait time and mediocre delivery. Delivery guy called 1Hour later from wrong address. Then called me 1H30 later says he got the pizza. Yeah you can keep it mate. And im 5min from Centro! Buy another oven or something.
21 Sep 2018 tại 21:15 excruciating full hour wait time. bad bad bad delivery hire some people for F sake.
3 Sep 2018 tại 20:29 This is the best pizza in the city. It's not consistent, but nights when they're on it tastes like something you'd get in Rome. Always delicious and occasionally perfect
20 Aug 2018 tại 19:39 Fast delivery but sad pizza.
16 Aug 2018 tại 10:14 The pizza was alright, but it was all cold upon arrival and one pizza had been squished so much that it stuck to the cardboard on top of the box. We were peeling pieces of cardboard off and having to remove the cheese just to eat some of it.
17 Jul 2018 tại 9:23 The Italian sausage was tasty, but the flavor of everything else was a bit bland. It was good but not great. Came with a free can of Coke but it was hot and not chilled. Priced well as a package.
9 May 2018 tại 8:48 Loved it!
29 Apr 2018 tại 21:29 Great food
13 Apr 2018 tại 8:50 Food is good, but they sent the delivery guy with the wrong change and overcharged my by 100,000vnd.